Palm Beach International Equestrian Center

As everyone knows, Wellington Florida is home to many horse farms and equestrian communities. Thus, it only makes sense for the different facilities in the area to hold LOTS of equestrian events at the various horse properties – particularly during the winter months when quite a few people winter down in the Florida horse communities.

The Palm Beach International Equestrian Center located in Wellington Florida, is hosting 3 equestrian events that are of interest to all horse enthusiasts. The first event is the Palm Beach Steeplechase to be held on Saturday November 29, 2008. The 2nd equine event is the Holiday Circuit to be held beginning December 3, 2008 through January 4, 2009. And starting right after the first of the new year will be the Winter Equestrian Festival to be held January 7, 2009 through March 29, 2009.

For anyone interested in these fine equestrian activities and wants more information (or tickets!), please call 561-753-5867.